Entry #1

So I woke up one morning...and now I'm here.

2013-02-12 06:06:03 by thisbemoo

So I woke up one morning, a week or so after New Years, and I thought to myself...
"hrrrmm...m.o.o....maybe you should try this animating business stuffs...I mean you always liked teh cartoons...you are goods with the computers program and the drawins, sooooo....go make-a-dah cartoons!"

So I thought to my thought and told it
"I'm just going to try Flash cartoons, but first let's do some research."

I did the Google thing, found out that flash, ladies and gentlemen, is pretty much obsolete. Dead. Nada; zilch; NUTTIN!
SO I found and started tryin' this relatively new program
a Canadian company, focused out of Montreal,
and they have got some pretty prestigious customers, including Walt Disney Animation Studios and Warner Bros. and many others.

So...it may be a while before I come out with any full animations, but I'll at least try and dump something old/new illustrations and WIP's while I do my studies.


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