I make GRAND reviews and maybe some tuts too, just to help people like YOU! ;p

2013-03-24 06:35:38 by thisbemoo

Because of my "can't upload anything because of my frying motherboard " problem...
This is apparently why I am on Newgrounds for the time being:

Motherfucking Reviews, MAAAAAAAAN!

This one being a pretty detailed one: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/zeurel/my-lit tle-ponwhy
Showing how to turn this into this
Outlines on those ponies are rough cuz I ain't gunna do everything for ya and spend 5-30mins masking if I'm just reviewing. HAHAno.

So as you can seeeeeee...
I make pretty damn good critiques and I'm always up to helping others out;
especially with promoting!
But in this post I am more of stating my love of making things look really nice for others and the importance of being helpful and of working together on a production.

I can understand that after those long hours worked and many nights left unslept, many creatives can get sloppy and "OMG I JUST WANNA BE DONE AND UPLOAD IT!" at the end and they end up missing out a tons of mistakes (namely spelling errors XD) or forget a lot of what really brings an art piece together.

I work with a lot of clean-up and post production things such as line clean-up, animation checking, color correction, effects, and many others (not just animation and art, mind you) and I want to use these skills to help YOU.

I understand wanting to solely make something on your own is important to an artist, but many tend to forget the power of a production. It improves the over-all quality and lessens production time and can be LOADS of FUN and a GREAT learning experience. You'll get your time to shine after you gain some friends and connections! They will appreciate your contributions and will be likely to help you in the future. So use those chances to work with others so you can help them and hey they may have something to teach you!
Then when you got a good idea, you already have some new knowledge, a good amount of experience, and let's face it, a li'l crew to back you up.

So if you're wanting some good critiques from me,
please, just ask and please help me out by finding my current reviews helpful.
Or if you want some revamps, I do them as long as you can give me a creditable testimonial or help me with my current projects or questions.
It would also be VERY helpful if you subscribed to my YouTube and liked/favorited my videos.
If you really want to get in contact with me follow me on Twitter.


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2015-04-29 05:32:17

Weird story, I had you confused with another artist here, one whose work I checked out right before leaving for Glenside! http://oink-moo.newgrounds.com/ Was really nice meeting you!

Just got done checking your dA submissions, you should definitely upload some of the more intricate and colored works first - you need to have at least 4 pieces uploaded here, before a fellow artist here can 'scout' you (there's a page for scouted artists, to see what new work is being submitted), then you'll be able to post work to the Art Portal, for general viewing, if you wish. Lesser uploaded works not tagged for the Art Portal, will still show up in your fan's feed and in your art folder... a little weird, but the feedback is worth it.